Your solution to recycle organic waste

Simple, efficient and odourless


Insert all your organic waste: leftover food, meat, eggs …

And close the lid !


New to composting? The application is there teach you: it guides you to odourless composting.


After 1 to 2 months you can collect your homemade soil from the drawer.

Benefit your plants !

Why choose Greenzy®?

     No unpleasant smell

No insect or worm

Soil for your indoor plants


Valorisation of your organic waste

App to help you compost


Inside, no need to go out!

Did you know ?

Greenzy® allows you to have a big impact … without making an effort!

0 %
of a household trash is made up of organic waste
0 %
organic waste is buried or incinerated
people who compost avoid the pollution of a car every year

Greenzy® is a start-up that holds to its values


Our goal is to help preserve our planet. We want our product to help you make an ecological gesture, part of a circular economy.


We provide you with a quality product and service. We therefore make it a point of honor to make composters with quality and durable materials as well as an ergonomic application.

Respect for the customer

Greenzy is designed for and with our customers. We build a product that does not require additives or regular parts change, so as not to chain you by continuous purchases.

The team

Behind this project lie three young engineers!

Adélaïde Biebuyck
Co-founder, electromechanical engineer

Laetitia Dupret
Co-founder, biomechanics engineer

Fiona Milano
Co-founder, biomedical engineer

The team

Behind this project lie three committed women!

Adélaïde Biebuyck

Co-founder, HR and production manager

Laetitia Dupret

Co-founder, responsible for finance and communication

Fiona Milano

Co-founder, IT manager and organic expert